Achieve the look of Traditional Stone

Available in a variety of stone patterns, MONT panels achieve the look of traditional stone slabs, but at a fraction of the cost. Easy to install and lightweight, with unsurpassed durability, MONT panels are an ideal option for many spaces where stone wouldn’t be suitable. It is also a sustainable, environmentally conscious alternative.

We are a Certified Installer

Because Mont paneling is a relatively new product and requires specially skilled installation, only a handful of Michigan contractors are certified to install it. Allure Tile and Stone is pleased to be one of the first. Contact us today to see if MONT panels are the right choice for your next project.

Features of MONT Surfaces


Scratch, stain, & heat resistant


Extremely durable


Oversized slabs minimize grout lines

Resistant to acids, chemical products, salts, mildew & moss


Comes in polished & satin finishes

Low maintenance

Wall Cladding— Interior & Exterior

MONT panels provide a near-seamless solution for striking wall cladding. Suitable for both interior and exterior use, MONT panels enable stunning continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces. With the elegant and timeless appearance of stone, at nearly half the price, MONT panels can anchor both cutting-edge modern designs and create luxurious traditional spaces.


With minimal grout lines, MONT panels make cleaning so easy, it’s almost fun. Their durability minimizes surface damage from scratches and whatever your shoes track in. Their expansiveness also creates a powerful visual effect, helping unify and ground a space.

Fireplace Surround

MONT porcelain panels provide the aesthetic of stone, in a durable and smooth surface that won’t crack, stain, or fail. The seamless, continuous appearance of the large-format panels creates a striking appearance, turning your chimney and fireplace surround into a true focal point.

Tub Deck & Shower Surrounds

Achieve your dream bathroom with large-format MONT panels. With your choice of an array of stone patterns, you get all the beauty of real stone in a non-porous surface that won’t erode in the presence of chemicals or be as susceptible to scum or mold. Choose the timeless appearance of MONT panels with confidence they’ll last a lifetime.

Steam Shower

MONT PANELS are an ideal choice for your steam shower. Not only is porcelain naturally resistant to heat, mold, and chemicals, but their large size minimizes seams, so you have little-to-no irksome grout lines to scrub clean. Steam takes a significantly longer time to damage porcelain than real stone.


Kitchens are splash zones for food and liquid. Although classic tile is nice, scrubbing between the countless grout lines can be time consuming and exhausting, and not to mention prone to stains. Large-format MONT panels are nearly seamless, for a look that’s low maintenance and sleek.

Kitchen Countertops & Islands

Porcelain is 30% stronger than granite and stronger than any other applicable surface. This means that your countertops and islands are significantly more resistant to scratches, chips, and casual wear and tear. Got kids? Are you a messy cook? These panels are non-porous, so that tomato soup or berry smoothie won’t stain your countertops and islands.

Outdoor Kitchen Retreats

MONT porcelain is your best option when it comes to outdoor retreats. The durability is unprecedented in comparison to stone or wood. Whether you confront snow, hail, rain or shine, the panels are engineered to withstand it all. Choose from an array of stone patterns and enjoy the seamless appearance of Mont Panels, blending your outdoor retreat with the natural world.


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